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The company is operating since 2001 as a limited partneship with the capital of 20000HUF. After beating the first problems, and changing the owners and the places several times, it became a Ltd. in 2005. The basic capital is 3.000.000HUF, and about the half is in cash. At the moment 100% of the company is in self-hand. At the beginning we hadn't any devices, but now our divice store has IT devices with the softwares belonging to them, also cars, GPS's, and surveystation is under the ownership of the company. The gross money traffic from the yearly some 10.000's of HUF was grown to 1.500.000 HUF per month.

The company has three constant employer (director-owner and two executive-assistant). We are doing a part of our jobs by involving subcontractors, with outer companies because of the great distances. Our main income source is the IT profile as SYSOP and SYSOP repairing works, but the landsurveying and GIS takes place in an increasing number too.

The further plans are to replace the subcontractorial agreements to own hired employees , continuously increasing the partnership (and as a reson the incomes too) , and to expant the device store is important. We are specifically aiming at the landsurveying and GIS, but increasing the per centage ratio of the other activities is our aim too.

Since 2005 our company is a partner of the Ökonet, so the environmental protection, and the advocation of healthy way of life is important. We haven't take notice to this side yet but it's in our exercises to strenght it in the future.

While the continuous improvement, we take a high emphasize to follow the technical improvement and to the continous self-provement. We also take a high notice to our workmates secure profession and financial background and to the loyality, which is-in our opinion-essential to keep the level and the improvement of the company.

We are trying to use the "fast, well and cheap" concept, which doesn't mean to "press down" the prices, but to guarantee the high standard and fast service by reasonable istitution and continuous professional development. It could be shown from our referencies that we have more and more "returning-constant" customer, which is the main indicator of the satisfaction. To increase the trust our datas can be checked, our prices are public, they could be compared with another offers.

We may not answer to the office phones, because our works particularly are field works, but the mobile phones are always working. We are waitng you in our costumership!

With regard: Csizmadia László manager

„Everithing could happen in space, we solve it on time”